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Tempered and thermally strengthened glass

Tempered glass:

Safe glass which can be applied in many different ways.
Meets 1C1 and 1C2 safety class set by EN 12600 requirements.
It is possible to use a glass pane of a smaller thickness due to the increased strength.
It reduces the risk of injuries as it breaks into small pieces with smooth edges.
It can be used in the production of flat laminated glass and insulating glass units.

We temper:

All the types of „FLOAT“ glass panes.
Glass thickness: 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 mm (15, 19 mm – based on sample approved).
Glass shape: geometric figure.
Min. dimensions: 100×250 mm.
Max. dimensions: 2400×4800 mm.

Mūsų grūdintas stiklas atitinka standartų EN 12150, BS 6206, EN 12600, reikalavimus ir turi atitikties patvirtinimus, žymimas CE ženklu.

Thermal strengthening:

Thermally strengthened glass can be an alternative for a tempered glass.
After glass breakage the glass sheet being in frame stays not crumbled.
Thermally strengthened glass is characterized as having higher mechanic and thermal resistance and classified as an intermediate option between not tempered and tempered glass.
Differently to a tempered glass, thermally strengthened glass in not attributed to the safe glass, therefore is twice stronger than glass not processed thermally.

Thermally strengthened glass meets the Standard requirements of EN1863, has approvals of Conformity and is marked with CE label.