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Laminated glass

Laminated glasses:

Protective elements: wall partitions at banks, Exchange offices, jeweller and antique shops, etc.
Structures: balconies, staircases, elements of floors, acoustic screens and curtains, elevators, platforms and gangways, wall of sea aquariums, etc.
Elements of building exteriors: facades, show rooms and shop windows, doors, roofs, skylights, vestibules, winter gardens, etc.
Elements of building interiors: floors, floor and wall panels, partition walls, doors, etc.

It meets the Standard requirements of EN 12543 and EN 14449 and it is marked with CE label. The tempered glass meets the requirements of Safety class 1B1 based on EN12600.

We laminate:

The thickness of laminated glass depends on technical conditions and customer specifications.
The quantity of the foils depends on the technical conditions and customer specification.
Glasses of various geometric shapes can be laminated.
Min. dimensions: 100 x 250 mm.
Max. dimensions: 2200 x 4800 mm (if „EVA safe“ foil is used).
Max. dimensions: 1500 x 4300 mm (иф „PVB“ foil is used).